Southwest Photo Workshops by Ian Whitehead
Blushing Hoodoos (c) Ian Whitehead 2008Mesa Arch (c) Ian Whitehead 2008Elemental (c) Ian Whitehead 2008
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My Philosophy

"Photography is both a journey and an experience where light, land, camera & artist connect as one. To me, the result is far more than mere image recorded to film. It is the essence of a place and of nature’s mood, forever merged in the stillness, depth and beauty of an instance in time."

About Ian

It was growing up on the west coast of California where I started viewing the world through the lens of a camera. My family often traveled through the great National Parks of the west, and as a teen,  I started backpacking with my camera in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I later moved to Lake Tahoe, where photography became an important part of my life. Fascinated by the sculpted sandstone canyons of the Southwest, my wife Lisa and I live in Sedona, Arizona. 

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I have been with Ian Whitehead on two workshops now and have to say they are action-packed. Ian definitely knows his way around the southwest (he only gets lost near big cities), and packs in more locations in a few days than I thought possible. He helps you develop a smooth routine of compose, focus, and expose. He'll answer any questions you have, and gently points you in the direction of getting in front of and being ready to capture the best possible compositions in the best light, without stepping on your own artistic instincts to shoot whatever you want! I think his own works are mesmerizing! - Harry, Illinois


  • More than 20 years of photography experience.

  • Published in the calendars of Arizona Highways and Smith Southwestern travel publications 

  • Featured in multiple Fine Art galleries in the Southwest

  • Award winner in the first annual International Photography Awards

  • Feature-length articles about Ian's photography written in the fine art publications "Art of the Four Corners", fall 07 and "Art Book of the New West" spring, summer 08. 

  • Almost ten years of photography in the Southwest,  visiting and revisiting these locations - scouting the the best light at the best time of year for the best results.

  • Now in my third year of workshops in the Southwest,  I focus on less lecture time in the classroom and more field training and instruction on location.  This is aimed at showing students not simply to look at what is in front of the lens, but to have an awareness and ability to see and evaluate their surroundings - how to not only to design a composition but to develop a personal style. 

I want to thank you so much for making our photography in this area sooooooo much better than it would have been had we never met.  Not to add that you are fun to spend time with and a great teacher! - Stephanie & Mark, New York


I use a 4x5 large format camera to capture the great detail that nature provides, as well as digital for a variety of applications. Whether you prefer digital, medium format, 35mm or large format film,  I believe each photographer should choose the tool that will best help them implement the vision of the final photograph in their mind - no one way is better than another!

Workshops, however, are tailored to both digital and film photographers of any kind and experience level. 

Ian Whitehead Ian doing whatever it takes to get the shot!

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